Beautiful Christmas and Winter Wallpapers For Your Desktop

Posted: October 22, 2010 in Uncategorized
Dec 16

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Winter is a special time of year for people around the globe. Many will celebrate Christmas, Chanukah, the winter solstice, while others may celebrate the first heavy snow on the slopes and the season itself.

Throughout this traditionally cold and busy season, we find ourselves shopping for the holidays, visiting family and friends and bringing in a little cheer to our homes with food, drink and decorations.

Today we would like to share with you a beautiful collection of wallpapers consisting of lovely designs and photography to help celebrate the upcoming holidays.
Most wallpapers will be available in 1600×1200, but for those of you with the extra large 30″ monitors or those who have dual, triple or even quad monitors for your desk real estate, we have some special wallpapers as well. If you click on the image or title, you will be brought to the source where you can download the wallpaper and make your desktop festive. Have a safe and happy holiday season!

Beautiful Christmas and Winter Wallpapers

Festive Christmas Wreath and Bells

Laughing Christmas Showman

Silent Winter

Christmas Lighthouse

Christmas Ornament

White Christmas Presents

White Christmas Ornaments

White Christmas Ornaments

Christmas Gifts

Winter Snowflake Candles

Christmas Candles in the Window

Box of Christmas Ornaments

Gold Christmas Ornament

Gold Christmas Presents

Christmas Wreath

Red Christmas Ornaments

Christmas Tree

Red Christmas Ornament

Happy Holiday Lights

Crystal Christmas Tree

Christmas Snowflakes

Blue Christmas Ornament

Christmas Tree

Christmas Candles

Christmas Elves

Santa and Sleigh


Flowers and Snow

Santa Hat

Dog with Santa Hat

Christmas Dog in Basket

Christmas Kitty

I Love Snow

Winter Landscape

Winter Landscape in Finland

Winter Mountain Landscape

Christmas Landscape

Winter Wonderland

Frosted Trees

Reflections of Snowy Mountain

Reflections in Winter

Winter Sunset in Alaska

Winter Sunset in the Smokey Mountains

Mono Lake in Winter

Winter at Crater Lake

Mountain Climbing

Frozen Ski Lift

Frozen Winter in British Columbia

Winter Snow

Winter in Smokey Mountains

Winter Stag

Church in Snow

Mt. Everest

Snow Covered Spruce Trees

Winter Snow

Winter Landscape for Dual, Triple and Quad Monitors

Winter Sunset for Extra Large and Dual Monitors

Winter Landscape for Extra Large and Dual Monitors

Argentina Snowcapped Mountains for Extra Large Monitors

Greenland Mystery for Extra Large and Dual Monitors

Krokskogen, Norway in Large and Dual Monitors

Penguins for Triple Monitors

Bavarian Winter for All Sizes

Tervo, Finland for Large and Dual Monitors

Decorated Christmas Tree for Most Sizes


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