KnucklePuck Font – Exclusive Vector Font Download

Posted: October 22, 2010 in Uncategorized
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In this font exclusive, we present KnucklePuck, a modular display font created by
Austin Roesberg. In my ongoing search for new fonts, I find myself writing to many font designers to see if they would ‘part’ with their digital creation. Sometimes they don’t answer, sometimes they answer ‘no’, and on occasion a ‘yes’ comes my way.

KnucklePuck was found on
Behance. With no mention of font availability on Austins Behance Profile, I approached Austin to see if he would consider making
KnucklePuck available as a download. With a few carefully crafted and well placed words, an email was promptly dispatched. Austin agreed. So here we are,
Noupe can present
KnucklePuck as an exclusive free font download for your enjoyment. You’ll find the download link in the bottom of this post.

Designer Profile

Austin Roesberg

I am a 24 year old designer currently living in Brooklyn, NY. A 2007 graduate of the Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA), I specialize in print design but have a background in designing for the web as well. I’m always looking for new methods of design and as well as the time to actually put new ideas into production.

About the Font

This font was all about problem solving. I had to find a method to designing a font using only 3 shapes (square, rectangle and quarter circle). I decided to make things a little difficult for myself by restricting the font to 3 rows and 2 columns per letter. The only exceptions to that layout were the I, M and W – for obvious reasons.

I also wanted to give the font a unique look by keeping something in common with each letter. in this case, most letters have a curved bottom left corner. The only letters that were exempt from this were letters that don’t have feet, such as the C and O.

The end result was a heavy, bulky font that had a somewhat playful look because of the curved shapes in the letters. It reminded me of a dense rubber hockey puck, so I chose to pay homage to a childhood favorite movie of mine, The Mighty Ducks 2 and named it Knucklepuck.

Connect with Austin

Behance Profile:


Font Licencing

All rights are reserved by
Austin Roesberg. You may use
KnucklePuck freely for noncommercial and personal purposes, such as creating a logo for a personal web site, free web design materials, goods or banners.

Please contact Austin Roesberg before using the fonts for commercial purposes, such as for commercial products, stores or companies logos, TV, books and magazines, or CDs.

Download The Font and Font Distribution

Austin Roesberg has made this font available as an exclusive to Noupe and as such, you are not permitted to re distribute this font, to supply it on CD or distribute it directly in other electronic form.

If you wish to link to this font in other ‘free font’ blog posts then please do so. Do not supply a direct download link, please direct your readers to this post only.

KnucklePuck from Noupe.


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