Tribbon ‘Layered’ Font – Exclusive Free Download

Posted: October 22, 2010 in Uncategorized
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In another free font exclusive on Noupe, we present Tribbon, a tasty layered ‘ribbon’ style font created by
Dominic Le-Hair. It has taken a few weeks of communications with Dominic to finally arrive with a interesting concept in font design. Tribbon is a working ‘ribbon’ style font, that consists of several layers and is available as a free download below. Tribbon is available in both TTF and OTF font formats.

Dominic also designed the popular ‘
Clipper‘ font.

Tribbon Layer 1

Tribbon Layer 2

Tribbon Layer 3

Tribbon Layer 4 – Complete

Designer’s Profile

Dominic Le-Hair

I am a 32 year old Graphic Designer living and working in Peterborough, UK. I left Teesside University in 2001 with a BA Honours in Graphic Design.

I like to work on personal projects in my spare time as there are less restrictions than with most of the client briefs in my job. I try to be as original as possible with my work and like to occasionally combine hands-on media with digital techniques. I am inspired by designers who experiment with type, such as Craig Ward, Autobahn and Handmade Font.

How To Use The Font

The Tribbon font started as an experiment in Illustrator working with a simple custom brush I created. I used Myriad Pro Black as a loose basis for each character. The shadows were then added using a gradient overlay.

I was contacted by
Graham who asked if I would be interested in creating a working font from my original work called Ribbon Alphabet on my Behance portfolio. I knew it would be a challenge to simplify it without losing too much detail. My solution was to break it up into three separate fonts (Tribbon A, Tribbon B and Tribbon C). These can be layered on top of one another to maintain the depth of the original. The fonts can be used this way in Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign and QuarkXPress. Tribbon B can also be used on it’s own for a more simplified, 2D version of the original.

I named the font Tribbon as there are three fonts that resemble ribbons when combined (Tri + Ribbon).

Dominic has also kindly created a brief video on how to best use the Tribbon font. ‘
How to use the Tribbon Font

Font Licencing and Distribution

All rights are reserved by Dominic Le-Hair.
You may use Tribbon freely for non-commercial and personal purposes, such as creating a logo for a personal web site, free web design materials, goods or banners.

Please contact Dominic Le-Hair before using the fonts for commercial purposes, such as for commercial products, stores or companies logos, TV, books and magazines, or CDs.

Dominic Le-Hair has made this font available as an exclusive to Noupe and as such, you are not permitted to re distribute this font, to supply it on CD or distribute it directly in other electronic form. If you wish to link to this font in other ‘free font’ blog posts then please do so. Do not supply a direct download link, please direct your readers to this post only.

Download the font!

You can
download Tribbon from our servers.


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